Author Joe Miller



Anyone who knows me knows that I love dogs, and I always have. I proudly wear my “dogaholic” hat to affirm that well known fact.


SOLD, by Jared M. Price, should be considered as the perfect benchmark against which any discussions about discipleship should be considered.

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I have often thought that bible study topics tend to be somewhat “sterile” and thought that they must be done in a certain prescribed way.


Some of us either are living, or have lived our lives as if we were in a pig sty. No, I’m not talking about living in literal filth, but sin.


In a moment of self reflection, he accepted that the time had come. The elder care facility he was moving into would be his last address.


During an unwanted pregnancy women feel that “It’s my body, it’s my choice.” I feel that there’s also another person to also consider.


In our efforts at spreading the Word, we aren’t being as intentional or open as we could be. In doing so we fail to multiply our impact.


There are things about Jesus’s way of communicating, that are strikingly different from the way many of us communicate with each other.

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Jesus was a good guy, but not necessarily a nice guy. He had moral integrity but He wasn’t always socially acceptable.


We often feel crushed, but we need to trust that God will be at work in our darkness causing a transformation in our hearts.