Author Joe Miller



Anyone who knows me knows that I love dogs, and I always have. I proudly wear my “dogaholic” hat to affirm that well known fact.


Regardless of the denomination of the church we attend, ALL Christians are followers of Jesus Christ. He is our (mankind’s) Savior.


Having a testimony of a turbulent past, and how God transformed you into a brand new creation, can be a powerful way of sharing the Gospel.


Communication in relationships is hard, especially when we focus on listening to the words being spoken, rather than the heart of the person speaking.


Engaging in fellowship by beloning to a small group can help spiritual growth exponentially, through collective discussions, opinions and sharing.


In the necessity of being an adult, have we forgotten that it is wonderful to be childlike in our sense of awe and wonder; to have faith like a child?

Have you ever sat still long enough to watch hawks? They are a study of all that we, as Christians, should be. They exhibit each of those qualities every single day of their lives. They must, or they don’t eat. Watching them bears that out. They will sit on a pole or in a tree for the longest time using every single one of those ingrained traits while observing all that is… Read More

Do I have the guts to stand firmly in my convictions and principles when the going gets tough? Do you? Do we even know if we would or could, should the occasion arise? One thing is most likely certain about all of us—we would like to think we would, right?