Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Here are some great books by some of my favorite Christian Authors, that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

“A Better Man, Husband, Father”

by Joe Miller

Joe is totally transparent – mucho masculine – preeminently practical – a giver of grace. The writing is clear, honest and spiritual without being preachy. Perfect men need not bother reading. Broken men who want to be better – men like Joe and me – will be inspired just a few pages in.

Dr. Gordon Venturella

Little Green Plant

A Beautiful Lie

by Joseph Salaiz

Is there a sync between the use of marijuana and Christianity? Joe Salaiz, a former Satanist, convict, and drug addict explores the issue and truths on the subject in this timely book.

This short book is a compelling read for those looking for answers.

Dog Walk Talk

While I’m Walking, God’s Talking

by Joe Miller

This is my new book! So if you haven’t already ordered your copy, I encourage you to do so! And if you decide to purchase directly from me, here on my website…I’m going to send you a signed copy myself!


Marks of a True Disciple

by Jared Price

Jared Prices book completely responds to the question many Christians seek to find the answer to–“Is a disciple somehow a different aspect of being a Christian?” In it, he provides not only a compelling answer to the question, but a logical and simple pathway through which to integrate the two.

An excellent read!



Rethinking Human Trafficking

by Raleigh Sadler

This was an eye opening read about the injustice of human trafficking, written by Raleigh Sadler. He also founded and runs a non-profit called Let My People Go, an organization that works closely with churches to educate, empower and equip the Body of Christ to fight this modern day slavery.


Break Free from the Culture Hell-Bent on Holding You Back (The WiRE Series for Men)

by Justin Camp

“This book is for anyone who loves God and senses there is more to life than work and busyness. Inventions will help you find that more, even in ordinary moments, so your life may become extraordinary.”
~John Ortberg, Pastor, Author

I totally agree!


Little Stories, Big Lessons

by Gerald A Thornhill Jr.

This book is a great read that I highly recommend. It’s deep and insightful, packed full of sound advice about how to live a happy and fulfilling life.

I’m Author Joe Miller and I’d like to thank you for stopping by today!

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