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  1. Joseph Martin Salaiz

    “This reading caused me to ‘explore’ my very ‘Soul’, and had me sitting up like a schoolboy at story time. Strongly causes one to self-evaluate, while offering hope in ‘any season’. Exceptionally inspiring! Transparent and genuine, playing on ‘the chords of the human spirit’.
    Joseph Martin Salaiz, author of ‘Little Green Plant’

  2. Lance Hurley

    Joe is an engaging writer, using humor, insight and an incredible transparency that touches the heart. Taking time to ponder the extraordinary thoughts found in the ordinary of daily routine will encourage, strengthen and uplift with each page turned.

  3. John Carolan

    This author bared his soul for the reader, revealing himself to be a walking miracle. I was riveted by this book and had a hard time putting it down. The stories and quotes had an interesting way of making me look deeper into my own life and do a “life review” if you will. If your not ready for true honesty, soul baring and a true growth story then pass it by but it will be one of your biggest mistakes!

  4. Linda Mueller (verified owner)

    Whether you are a devout Christian, someone who is struggling with faith, or have no religion in you at all, you will find this book interesting and thought provoking. In writing about his own life experiences, Joe helps the reader look deep inside our own soul, rethink who we are, and where we want to be in life. Each chapter is short and a story in itself. So if you are also more inclined to read magazines for their short article content, this fills that bill too. I just finished reading it through the first time and plan to read it again (after I get it back from my husband) so that I can delve more into the questions and Bible references at the end of each chapter. I highly recommend Dog Walk Talk to everyone. Actually, you might want to get two copies: one for yourself and one to loan to others!

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