Author Joe Miller

Engaging in fellowship by beloning to a small group can help spiritual growth exponentially, through collective discussions, opinions and sharing.


In the necessity of being an adult, have we forgotten that it is wonderful to be childlike in our sense of awe and wonder; to have faith like a child?


Broken trust is an awful thing most of us have experienced somewhere in our lives, and the effects of that broken trust are often long term.


Trusted friends are the ones who will continue to love you through your mistakes and walk alongside you while gently steering you towards what is right.


Dogs have been the subject of a common myth for a long time. The myth is that they see in black and white only. The truth is dogs do see in...

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When we accept Jesus to be the Lord over our lives, He begins a process of transformation in us, addressing the matters of the heart.


This short group of scriptures makes it clear for us to see (if we choose to) how we lean into the blame game, up to and including those times when we...

Our tongues can start huge fires, even firestorms, when we choose to use them wrong. What spews out of our mouths, even unintentionally, can literally kill another’s spirit.


How do you spell abortion???


At My Age At my age it seems like a gazillion years have passed since I was in school. Yes, this old dinosaur was in school. One thing that always stood...