Author Joe Miller

We often feel crushed, but we need to trust that God will be at work in our darkness causing a transformation in our hearts.


Regardless of the denomination of the church we attend, ALL Christians are followers of Jesus Christ. He is our (mankind's) Savior.


Today I was thinking about the fact that I have this sinful nature, that overworks itself minding other people’s business instead of my own.


Sitting at a dinner table with family or friends is traditionally a pleasant experience. Mealtime isn’t often envisioned as a time of contentiousness, discord, drama, or anxiety laden. If anything, it...


Our earthly treasures have a short shelf life, but the Lord asks that we lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven.


Many men struggle with works of the flesh. We'll be referring to these works as universal TROUBLEMAKERS, and discussing the three that are most common.

We may all come in different packages but we are all humans, and oh by the way, we are all made in God’s image. We are also all sinners.


Having a testimony of a turbulent past, and how God transformed you into a brand new creation, can be a powerful way of sharing the Gospel.


Communication in relationships is hard, especially when we focus on listening to the words being spoken, rather than the heart of the person speaking.


In the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Rashida Jourdain gives a powerful testimony about the tragedy of both her brother and sister being murdered.