Have you ever sat still long enough to watch hawks?

They are a study of all that we, as Christians, should be. They exhibit each of those qualities every single day of their lives. They must, or they don’t eat. Watching them bears that out. They will sit on a pole or in a tree for the longest time using every single one of those ingrained traits while observing all that is around them as they await the rodent that will be their next meal. Their traits enable them to get the reward—their food.

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A Hot Topic

Do I have the guts to stand firmly in my convictions and principles when the going gets tough? Do you? Do we even know if we would or could, should the occasion arise? One thing is most likely certain about all of us—we would like to think we would, right? What if the going didn’t just get tough, but perhaps a life-threatening situation whereby if we stood our ground, we would surely die as a result, but if we caved in, we would live? The answer to that is the “tell” about just how strong we are, or aren’t, about our convictions and principles. Let’s toss in a word switch here and substitute the word faith for convictions and principles and ask the same questions of ourselves.

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Reading the Red Words

Did you know that the Bible contains roughly 750,000 words?

I said roughly because the word count depends on which version one reads. That is a whole lot of words. I recently finished authoring my second book which is in the 33,000-word range, and that was a lot of writing.

Many never read the whole Bible. Many folks have never read it at all. Others simply regularly gravitate toward those parts of the bible that speak to them the most. Some just read randomly in terms of what they read and when they read. To each, though, one thing is the constant—it’s a big book, it has a lot of words, and some of it is simply tough to read.

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