Going To The Dogs?


Anyone who knows me knows that I love dogs, and I always have. I proudly wear my hat (shown below) to affirm my affinity for the four-legged fur-babies who have so insanely enriched my life.

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SOLD, by Jared M. Price, should well be considered as the perfect benchmark against which any discussions about discipleship should be considered. From the introduction, where Jared shares “This book seeks to draw out the Bible’s teaching on the marks of a true disciple” (emphasis mine), through the very end when he shares “Discipleship Doesn’t Always Go the Way we Imagine”, I discovered simple, basic, biblical truths about discipling that I had never seen as clearly before.

~Joe Miller
Perhaps like others, too much of my focus on the topic of discipling has been on the “how-to’s” instead of the “how-to-be’s.”

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The Bible Study Tree

Man looking over the lake

Bible Study Topics

I have often thought that bible study topics tend to be somewhat “sterile” in their own way. In conversations in which the topic has been discussed there sometimes seems to be a prevailing thought that they must be done in a certain prescribed way. Those conversations have left me with a somewhat nagging thought—not from what was said, but rather from what was not said. I have sensed that what was not said was that if they were not done in a rather exacting manner that somehow the study might not be Christian enough. Rigidity, if you will, or—we must follow the rules. We must keep on track so we can get finished with it and move on to the next.

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In a Pig Sty


There aren’t a whole lot of things nastier than a pig sty. They stink and they are filthy. They are sloppy because pigs love slop. They can wallow in the slop all day long and be happy doing it, because it is in their nature. They know nothing else.

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Moving Day


Self Reflection

In a moment of deep self reflection, he accepted that the time had come. He had dreaded the fact that it would eventually come to this reality. The fear of the necessary change had lingered long in his mind and heart as he saw his options slowly collapse around him. It reminded him of when he was a kid and had stood dominos on their ends in a long winding road, only to accidentally touch one and start a chain reaction that would leave a mess. He had to move. “What about all my stuff”, he thought. He had spent a lifetime accustomed to accumulating that which he wanted, and the thought of having to let it go was almost more than he could bear. He was all but obsessively attached to his stuff. But, he had to move. He knew that by having to move into the elder care facility that the end of the road was coming for him, that most likely that would be his last address.

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Unwanted Pregnancy?

Woman During an Unwanted Pregnancy: It’s my body, my choice.
Me: Absolutely…but there are two bodies. Are you referring to the one inside as well?
Woman: Of course, it’s inside of my body.
Me: Is it alive?
Woman: Sure it is….it kicks and moves around. I can feel it.
Me: Then it’s another life, right?
Woman: Well yes, but it’s inside of my body.
Me: So, you want to get the abortion, not to murder yourself, but to murder the live baby that’s inside you. Did I get that right?
Woman: You know what I mean. It’s an unborn baby.

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Do As I Say!

Those pesky Ten Commandments found in Exodus 21:1-17!  

(Disclaimer: I am a child of the 50’s and 60’s. I am neither a biblical scholar nor a theologian, but I did get my PhD from the University of Hard Knocks. I am simply an old work horse who has lived life and loves Jesus.)

Ten Commandments

Growing up in a home and church culture that used the King James Version of the Bible was rough on me. Early on I had to learn the Ten Commandments and, frankly, that learning both scared me and scarred me. By the time I had learned number ten I was sure of several things, though I was deathly afraid to express those fears.

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Multiply the Impact


Draft horses are in a word, huge. They typically weigh in at between 1400 and 2000 pounds. Their feet are exceptionally large, their front knees are big, backs short, and their hindquarters are powerful. A familiar and easily recognizable type of draft horse are Clydesdale. Who hasn’t seen the famous Budweiser ads featuring those beauties.

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Jesus and Used Cars


If there is one thing about Jesus, it’s that he would never have been a good used car salesman. This isn’t a slam at any particular person whose avocation is selling used cars, but it’s a play on the generally stated conception (or misconception as the case may be) of used car salesmen—that they have a gift of gab and that they can sell ice to the Eskimos. Of course, it’s a moot point anyway because there were no cars during his three years of ministry. That, and somehow it just doesn’t seem fitting to write this in the context of donkeys and camels.

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Not A Nice Guy

analysis-blackboard-board-bubble-clear lightbulb

“Nobody said of Jesus, ‘He’s a nice guy.’
They either wanted to kill him or they worshiped him.”

B.H. Clendennen

Moral Integrity

Jesus was a good guy, but not necessarily a nice guy. He had moral integrity but He wasn’t always socially acceptable. Some might be appalled at the thought that Jesus wasn’t a nice guy. Others, not so much.
Would thinking that Jesus wasn’t a nice guy be thinking outside of the box? Let’s reflect on a few realities of Jesus in His day, and then you be the judge: nice guy or not.

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