SOLD, by Jared M. Price, should well be considered as the perfect benchmark against which any discussions about discipleship should be considered. From the introduction, where Jared shares “This book seeks to draw out the Bible’s teaching on the marks of a true disciple” (emphasis mine), through the very end when he shares “Discipleship Doesn’t Always Go the Way we Imagine”, I discovered simple, basic, biblical truths about discipling that I had never seen as clearly before.

~Joe Miller
Perhaps like others, too much of my focus on the topic of discipling has been on the “how-to’s” instead of the “how-to-be’s.”

I discovered in SOLD, that in my earlier attempts to learn more about improving my discipling skillset I had been focusing more on formulas, set patterns, and learning by rote rather than on perfecting my condition (my heart) in reaching out to others. Simply put, I wasn’t sold! It captured my attention as it clearly reminded me how those who had discipled me out of the darkness years ago had, in fact, been true disciples of Christ. It was a longing for their kind of heart that got through to me rather than their method. It is that kind of heart that SOLD embodies.
It is a heart that Sacrifices. It is a heart that Obeys. It is a heart that Loves. And thus, it is a heart that Disciples.


From beginning to end, Jared pours his heart out…

From beginning to end, Jared pours his heart out through his fingers as he walks the reader through a rock solid, easily read, easily grasped biblical process of being the true disciple God has made each of His Christ followers to be. I’m simply an ordinary blue-collar guy, and I felt as if he was having a gentle and understandable conversation with me throughout the pages he wrote. Because of that, as I read it, I felt very present in the conversation—that I not only belonged but wanted to belong, that there was plenty to learn from it.

This book will become a series for study by the Men’s Small Group that I am involved with because it’s not uncommon for conversations about discipling to be met with “yeah, buts”. The realistic and biblical approach that Jared has spelled out in SOLD addresses all of the “yeah, buts”.
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