Unwanted Pregnancy?

Woman During an Unwanted Pregnancy: It’s my body, my choice.
Me: Absolutely…but there are two bodies. Are you referring to the one inside as well?
Woman: Of course, it’s inside of my body.
Me: Is it alive?
Woman: Sure it is….it kicks and moves around. I can feel it.
Me: Then it’s another life, right?
Woman: Well yes, but it’s inside of my body.
Me: So, you want to get the abortion, not to murder yourself, but to murder the live baby that’s inside you. Did I get that right?
Woman: You know what I mean. It’s an unborn baby.

Me: But you told me it’s alive. So if you kill something that’s alive isn’t that murder?
Woman: You’re twisting things around.
Me: Let me put it a different way. You have another child, right?
Woman: Yes, a handsome little baby boy. He just turned one two months ago.
Me: Is he alive?
Woman: Of course he is.
Me: Have you thought about killing him?
Woman: Are you crazy? You must be! You can’t kill a child.
Me: I thought you said he was a baby boy.
Woman: Well you know what I mean.
Me: Not really. You say you want to murder one baby, but you can’t murder the other one. They’re both babies—you said so yourself.
Woman: I’m out of here. You’re twisting my words all around.
Me: Is there any other appropriate word besides murder?

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Feature photo by Kristina Paukshtite!

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