Jesus and Used Cars


If there is one thing about Jesus, it’s that he would never have been a good used car salesman. This isn’t a slam at any particular person whose avocation is selling used cars, but it’s a play on the generally stated conception (or misconception as the case may be) of used car salesmen—that they have a gift of gab and that they can sell ice to the Eskimos. Of course, it’s a moot point anyway because there were no cars during his three years of ministry. That, and somehow it just doesn’t seem fitting to write this in the context of donkeys and camels.


There are a lot of things about Jesus’s way of communicating that are strikingly different from the way many of us communicate with each other. Some of those things revolve around means that He didn’t employ, in the way He spoke with others:

  • He never spoke as if He was walking on eggshells, or thought He had to. He was blunt and direct.
  • His never cluttered up what He was saying with a lot of verbiage. His spoken word was short, sweet, and to the point.
  • He never spoke defensively. The reason why should be obvious.
  • He never talked down to anyone. To Him, all were equal. Some were just straying.
  • He never spoke politically correctly. He didn’t have to. His word was truth—often blunt, hard truth.
  • He never spoke out of anger. He modeled self-control in a way no one ever has.
  • He never spoke to those whom He came across out of emotion. He spoke from His heart.
  • His speaking never contained sarcasm, shaded truth, exaggeration, hearsay, or gossip. He spoke in cold hard facts.
  • He never spoke in a way that would resemble what we call mind games today. He didn’t play with folks minds because He had an important message to share with them.
  • He never talked just to make noise, be heard, or to hear Himself talk. Every word He uttered mattered.
  • He didn’t have what we might call a gift for gab. His gab was a gift of eternal importance and he didn’t waste the words He spoke.

Red Letter Words

Out of the approximately 18,400 red letter words (Jesus’s words) we see in the New Testament there are absolutely no instances of Jesus mincing words, wasting words, engaging in useless drivel, mollycoddling, fomenting dissent among people, spreading rumors, talking behind the backs of others, tearing people down or ripping them apart, engaging in character assassination, or the like. His message was too important, and His time was too short for any of that anyway. And it was totally counter to his purpose. He used five short words multiple times to convey His message; “follow me” and “love one another”.
If we were to take a good hard look at ourselves, how might we change the way we communicate with others to better align ourselves to the way Jesus modeled communicating and speaking to us? Often I would most likely be relegated to selling clunkers, which are worse than used cars. How about you?

I’m Author Joe Miller and I’d like to thank you for stopping by today!

Feature Photo by David McBee of Pexels

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