Not A Nice Guy

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“Nobody said of Jesus, ‘He’s a nice guy.’
They either wanted to kill him or they worshiped him.”

B.H. Clendennen

Moral Integrity

Jesus was a good guy, but not necessarily a nice guy. He had moral integrity but He wasn’t always socially acceptable. Some might be appalled at the thought that Jesus wasn’t a nice guy. Others, not so much.
Would thinking that Jesus wasn’t a nice guy be thinking outside of the box? Let’s reflect on a few realities of Jesus in His day, and then you be the judge: nice guy or not.

Nice Guy or Not

  • Didn’t Jesus make waves with the status-quo, during His three-year ministry here on earth? Most certainly.
  • The Truth Jesus consistently shared during his ministry ruffled many feathers.
  • He didn’t come to make friends and be friends. He came to preach the cold hard facts of living a Christ like life. There were no kumbaya sessions or campfires.
  • He condemned, and he was very blunt and direct about it.
  • He denounced people and actions, and he could be brash doing so.
  • He caused trouble by sticking with the truth.
  • He disrupted the established order of the times. He upset the apple cart. Remember when He met with the Samaritan woman at the well and asked for a drink of water? Jews traditionally despised Samaritans. And to get a drink from the woman’s cup or container would have made any Jew ceremonially unclean. (reference John 4:1-40)
  • He didn’t call for any dialogue with evil, nor did he seek or take the middle ground on any issue. Is there any place in the bible where it says Jesus compromised?
  • He didn’t waver or waffle on issues, nor did he give any leeway to the other side. It was, simply, “My way or the highway” with Him.
  • Was He diplomatic? Not a chance.
  • When He witnessed sin, he never ever said anything like “boys will be boys.” Rather, when the Pharisees were ready to stone a woman they were accusing of being an adulterer, He challenged them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” (reference John 8:2-11) He called it out without being mamby-pamby and tactful about it.
  • He had a temper. How about those money changers in that temple? I doubt they were thrilled about the tables being turned over. Jesus demonstrated His anger pretty clearly by using a whip to drive them out. He overturned their tables and forced out the dove-sellers. (reference John 2:13-16)
  • He called people names—publicly. The Scribes and Pharisees would attest to being labeled snakes and a brood of vipers. (reference Matthew 23:33)
  • He had moral integrity but was decidedly not politically correct. In this fallen world, being socially acceptable simply wasn’t His purpose.
  • And, for NOT being a nice guy he was killed.


We each have our own sense of reality and comfort zones based upon our perceptions, baggage, experiences, and education, among other things. Is it a stretch, having read the documented truths about the man, to conclude that he was indeed a good man, but not necessarily a nice guy?
None of us would have the hope of a glorious future in Heaven that we now have, that promise that we do have because of some assessment label put on Jesus.

About Me

I have no problem whatsoever understanding that Jesus’ teachings is the example of how I am to conduct my life as a Christian. I am also aware of how often I fail at trying to live my life His way. I wonder if my need to a nice guy doesn’t somehow stand in the way of my living just in God’s truth without worrying about what others might think of me.

What About You?

What has helped form your perception of who Jesus really was? Does it cause you to see Him in a different light than some of the above examples portray? Jesus’ ways—nasty, negative, neighborly, or nice—were both a blessing and a gift to us, for from them we can gain more spiritual freedom than we could ever realize.

Encouraging Words: John 2:15, Matthew 23:33, Matthew 18, Mark 3:5, John 8:44, Matthew 10, and Luke 22.

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