Jesus Wasn’t a Brand


In times past, cowboys would round up their cattle that was roaming on the open range so that they could brand them. A branding iron was used. Each ranch had their own special brand (or logo) on a piece of steel which was made very hot in a fire and then applied to the rump of the cow to make a permanent mark (through burning) of that logo. I’m not sure if branding still takes place, but I do know that now many ranchers use ear tags, which might as well be called cattle earrings. At least it is a more humane way to indicate who owns any cattle that might get lost.

All Christians

The prompting for this post arose out of a discussion I heard recently, and it was on a topic that I’ve had some thoughts about for a while. It seems to me that an uncomfortable amount of Christians seem to perceive Jesus as a brand. No, you won’t hear followers of Jesus say that theirs is a Baptist Jesus, a Methodist Jesus, a Presbyterian Jesus, a Catholic Jesus, or an Evangelical Jesus, etc. However, I sometimes sense that folks are inclined to put Jesus into that box as a brand for a form of ownership perhaps. The only brand or label the Bible put on Jesus was that, as the Son of God, He is our (mankind’s) Savior collectively.

Followers of Jesus

In that same Bible, that unbranded Jesus clearly said (at least twenty times), “Follow Me.” He didn’t say “Baptists, follow me”, or “Methodists, follow me”, etc. He simply said just those two words which should have the same meaning to all who call themselves Christians (regardless of their brand)— “Follow Me.” So we, regardless of the denomination of the church we attend, are followers of Jesus.

“And He said to them, ‘Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Matthew 4:19 ESV

It seems to me that the unbranded Jesus was clearly much more concerned that we, all Christians, no matter our religious persuasion (or brand) follow Him, become disciples, and lead others to Him. It’s pretty cut and dried, and there was no branding iron mentioned. Are you a follower of Jesus?

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