Victimhood or Vertical?


My words are going to be minimal on this post because there is nothing to add to the true story you are about to read. My words may distract you from the underlying message that is so poignantly shared in the writing about another life, one of God’s children.



by Rashida Jourdain

“BLACK people who get angry at other Black people for not saying Black Lives Matter OR for saying All Lives Matter; OR for expressing concerns that aren’t directly related to BLM, are also a part of a bigger problem, that goes deeper than race… The enemy is also using this to cause MORE division…

On March 17, 2017 my only brother was murdered in Arizona. Shot in the head. Age 47.
April 21, 2018, my baby sister was murdered in Chicago. Shot in the back, in her car, across the street from a church, in front of her 3 year old daughter. Age 30.
Grief. Devastation. Double Tragedy. My family is still mourning. My mother lost 2 of her 6 children (and her only son) within 13 months. I have 3 sisters left. My niece is 5. Her road & ours is long.

All At Once

We suffered 4 tragedies at once:

  • 1st- The murders..
  • 2nd- Grief, Trauma, Mourning, PTSD…
  • 3rd- Their killers were Black… Not white. Not Police… Black just like them.
  • 4th- No justice- My sister’s killer is still on the loose 2 years later. My brother’s killer is in prison on non related charges…

He was never convicted for my brother’s murder, no trial, just an open/close hearing without even telling my mother about it. The only closure she & we can get IS from God.
Unless you’ve had someone close to you murdered, you will truly NEVER understand, No matter how mad you are…

George Floyd– When George Floyd was murdered by the police officer, I cried and cried and cried. Multiple emotions. He begged for his life & repeated; I can’t breathe. When he called out for his mother, I broke. All I thought about was my brother & sister calling for my mom in their last breaths…
Satan is a liar and a murderer! Murder is a Spirit. It knows no color. It will use whomever; Black, White, Male, Female, Police & so is Racism. It comes in All shades & colors….

For weeks I’ve watched & listened to angry rants, threats, insults, venom, abusive behavior & vitriol words spew out of the mouths of people who claim to be Christian. I’ve had phone conversations. I’ve even seen my Black brothers & sisters question the integrity, character & motives of both their black & nonblack friends; if they did not respond to Black Lives Matter in a similar manner.

Rage & Anger; many are blinded on both sides. They debate, but aren’t open to discussing or receiving a difference of opinion, perspective or experience other than their own.

My Life Experiences

MEMy life experiences are eclectic. I grew up on the Westside of Chicago; which currently has one of the highest murder rates, despite having a former president in office from that city. I was raised by a black militant father. My first & middle name is African. We lived down the street from the police station. At age 12, I was arrested twice- (one for shoplifting & the other for jumping the turnstile on the L train platform without paying). My sister & I were thrown in the back of a bloody paddy wagon. The female police officer made a prejudice remark when she handcuffed us & said “I don’t want to touch you black bitches anyway!”

High School

I graduated from a prestigious all white high school. Became the 1st African-American Senior Class President in the history of that school!
I graduated from college. Degree in Pre-Medicine Psychology. Lived in suburbs & worked in culturally diverse environments; I know people from all over this world literally & have life changing friendships with people in other countries & races.
My godfather, Bob, was a white (Polish) Chicago police officer. His wife Katherine (Italian) died from brain cancer in 2004. Bob died from brain cancer in 2016. I eulogized him and his wife in a Catholic Church. Bob gave me his Badge upon his death. I still have it…

My Husband

My husband, who is Haitian, has also had negative experiences with police profiling & prejudice unfortunately from both white & black people when he came to this country. We are raising our two sons. The conversations in our home are MANY. We will prepare them for the WHOLE of life, not just one slice of it.

A Christian First

I am a Christian FIRST. With a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I am also a Black Woman, a Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter & Friend. I am for the WHOLE & Totality of Life. From Womb to Tomb. I hate everything from abortion, racism, injustice, oppression, molesters, human/sex trafficking to euthanasia and much more… Our world is fallen…
God sees a world lost without Him. Jesus died on the Cross for All people. God made everyone. He sees no color, except the red Blood of Jesus that was shed on the Cross. God is love, merciful and forgiving. He’s also wrathful & Just. He is speaking & moving. We all better wake up! The hour is very late.

So the next time you accuse someone of not supporting Black Lives Matter, just because they’re not reacting the way you think they should be… check yourself! Many of us have been busy bombarding Heaven and the gates of hell in prayer!

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Ephesians 6:12

Meanwhile, Stay Safe

Meanwhile, STAY SAFE. Wear your Face Masks and Remove your invisible mask. COVID-19 is not gone… and neither are the viruses that infect our hearts as a human race!

“My beloved brothers, understand this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger, for man’s anger does not bring about the righteousness that God desires. Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and every expression of evil, and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save your souls.”

James 1:19-21

written by Rashida Jourdain; July 2 at 4:30pm

Rashida went vertical….to God, as her life played out. She could have easily gone to victimhood. To “normal” (worldly) thinking, she has had every right to, every provocation, and yes, perhaps every need to. But she hasn’t. She has leaned into God. There is a strong lesson for all of us in what she has shared—that regardless of who we are, or what we are, we DO have a choice when life plays dirty with us. We can choose going vertical as opposed to accepting victimhood, an insidious virus which fuels our anger and robs our soul of love for others.

Author Joe Miller

Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

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