Our Personal WMD

We each have one. We all use it. It is our friend. It can also be our enemy. When it is our enemy, it is our very own weapon of mass destruction. It is small, but often it is uncontrollable. When that happens great, and often irreparable, damage can take place. Even if only minor damage is inflicted, we often show ourselves to be someone we inwardly may not want to be because damage was done.


Each of Us Has a Mouth

Mouths, in and of themselves are not a bad thing—in fact, they are quite necessary. We must eat. We must communicate. However, that is where the problem lies. Inside of that mouth is that little, but not so little, weapon– our tongue. James in the Bible compares the tongue to the tiny spark that starts big fires.

The tongue is like a spark. It is an evil power that dirties the rest of the body and sets a person’s entire life on fire with flames that come from hell itself.

~James 3:6 (CEV)

Tongues Can Start Fires

Our tongues can start huge fires, even firestorms, when we choose to use them wrong. What spews out of our mouths, even unintentionally, can literally kill another’s spirit. Volumes have been written about the damage that can come from the tongue and the mouth that houses it.

A Tongue Can Be a Weapon

Not only can that little tongue be a weapon, but it is also a blessing blocker. For instance, how could you know that you might have just been blessed by something someone was going to say to you, but didn’t because you were wagging your tongue too much? How many times have you missed a blessing because you just would not shut up? How many times has your interruption of someone caused someone to just clam up and dismiss you emotionally? How many times has your impulsive desire to be heard (and by rote, not to listen) eventually broken a relationship or caused it to chill? We are all guilty. We all place a high importance on being listened to. We all like to talk. The trouble is, often we simply talk too much, and when we do, we stand the chance of missing out of truly being blessed by what that other might have said. Don’t allow your WMD be a blessing blocker.

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