The Teacher & the Test


At My Age

At my age it seems like a gazillion years have passed since I was in school. Yes, this old dinosaur was in school. One thing that always stood out to me in school was how quiet it was in the room when tests were being given. One could almost always just about hear a pin drop. Everyone was quiet, including the teacher. Typically, they would simply sit very quietly at their desk at the head of the room and watch this poor soul try to pull the rabbit out of a hat one more time. While I sat there at my desk struggling with uncertainties, stress and anxiety, fear, discomfort, and perhaps some self-condemnation, the teacher sat quiet, observant, caring, patient, and available.

Those Thoughts

Those thoughts came to me as I was walking my dog one morning. I was left to ponder the question—why would thoughts of something from so long ago, and of such relative insignificance, just happen to pop up during a morning walk with the pooch? It did not take too long to understand why. I started to dismiss reflecting on the past and began to look forward to the day and what lay ahead. What I saw was some chaos, stress and anxiety, fear, some uncertainties, and because of the loss of what had once seemed “normal” some discomfort laying just ahead.

Can You Imagine

Can you imagine how bright the light was when it finally came on? The Lord is the teacher in my daily life. He acts no differently than the teacher of long ago in school when I was taking paper tests. Now I am faced with life tests and my Teacher is there throughout—quiet, observant, caring, patient, and available. That is quite reassuring isn’t it? What’s most reassuring is that it will never change, because He promised in His word never to leave us or forsake us.

The Teacher and the test!

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