Hawks Do What They Gotta Do; Us, Not So Much

Have you ever sat still long enough to watch hawks?

They are a study of all that we, as Christians, should be. They exhibit each of those qualities every single day of their lives. They must, or they don’t eat. Watching them bears that out. They will sit on a pole or in a tree for the longest time using every single one of those ingrained traits while observing all that is around them as they await the rodent that will be their next meal. Their traits enable them to get the reward—their food.

Hawks are:

  • Vigilant
  • Cautious
  • Diligent
  • Focused
  • Alert
  • Prepared
  • Watchful
  • Persistent
  • Patient
  • Dedicated to purpose

Within Us

We all have those same traits within us. But, when it comes to feeding our spiritual lives, we don’t use them quite the same way the hawk does for its food do we? And yet, the food for our spiritual lives is every bit as important isn’t it? And isn’t our ultimate reward far greater than the hawk’s rodent? Perhaps we are much lazier than the hawk, even though our reward is so much greater.

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